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Bartolophotography - Produktfotografie

Product Photography

Wooden guitar pick product photography, Produktfotografie für Gitarrenplektren aus Holz.

Photography that speaks your product

Who We Are

Marc & Gabriel Bartolo

We shoot as a father & son team, and with that comes united creativity & style but with individual flair & influence.

Our Photography Philosophy

Lighting is Passion

Attention is given to the detail of light, line, shape, form, shadow, using these elements to bring out each products individual character.

Product as Model

Bringing out its Flair

Why product as model? It is a focus on light and all the elements of deign to bring out the products best, making it attractive and desirable whether for pleasure or purpose.

What We Offer

An Appetizing Menu

We photograph products, as in, pack shots, group shots, flat lays, mood product photography, advertising photography, and more; just ask us.

Where We Shoot

The World is Our Oyster

We shoot in the studio, but depending on the idea and needs as stated above, the world is our oyster, and so no place is too far.

Memories for Eternity

People Fotografie [Link]

Do you want photos that take you back to the moment you see in your photos, important moments in your life with family, friends, filled with emotion? Giving you living memories is our ultimate goal as your photographer.
Cell : +49 176 28 14 14 05