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photographers marc & gabriel bartolo

About Us

Wooden guitar pick product photography, Produktfotografie für Gitarrenplektren aus Holz.

Marc & Gabriel Bartolo

Die Fotografen

As father and son team we work very close. We bring a uniqueness of person but with a constant thread, a thread built through the 30 years knowing each other, growing together, and this thread comes out in our work. A work that is one minded with each bringing his own touch to the products we photograph.

Marc & Gabriel Bartolo

The Creatives


I am Canadian born in 1967 and started doing photography at the age of 12 when I bought my first SLR Canon AE-1 camera in Japan. Japan was my first model, and with that I photographed, developed black & white, and colour photography in the darkroom. I was attracted to people and light, and so I photograph people and products.

My people photography is about life, living, love, and people, which includes weddings, business- personal events, business- personal portrait, Model/Fashion photography, and street photography. Everywhere where there is people. My people photography is here:

Product photography for me is light, then with the light I work the structures, the lines, the surface textures, the shadows, the backgrounds, the tone of light, hi-key, low-key, the possibilities are endless. I want to make the product speak its character, to shine, to intrigue, and to capture an audience. Photography is my passion and my passion brings out my best, my creativity, excellence, a desire to exceed expectation, a sense of pride with work well done, and friendly professional conversation of needs, wishes, and more …


Gabriel is currently working on his writing for this section, just a bit more time, and you will know more about him.

with Passion

4342 YEARS
  • Unrivalled workmanship
  • Product Specific Photography
  • Individual Creativity
  • Professional Post-Production
  • Studio Lighting Competence
  • Communication skills Eng/Deu
  • Responsive and Respectful
  • Personalized solutions
  • Personalized Care
  • Flexibility
  • Market Awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Competitive pricing
Cell : +49 176 28 14 14 05